Monday, 25 March 2013

Microsoft's app innovation fest held in Delhi

First Windows App
Microsoft's technology event TechDays, which promotes application development particularly for it’s recently launched Windows 8 platform, reached its last destination of the National Capital today after covering 50 cities across the country in the last four months.

The one-day event here saw participation of over 700 IT enthusiasts and professionals, the software giant said in a release.

The event that was kicked off in October 2012 and covered 50 cities saw over 15,000 participants, it added.

"The all-India developer and IT pro extravaganza touched ... 50 cities in the last four months, providing them a unique learning experience and helping them convert their ideas into real apps," the software giant said.

TechDays gives opportunities to bring Indian developers to shape the apps ecosystem across multiple devices and hardware forms, providing developers the prospect to maximise their revenues, it added…Read more.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Top iPhone Web Game - 10 Most Popular Games

iPhone games development
With WiFi support and Safari browser installed, iPhone is not only a cell phone but also a gadget for entertainment. If you are on a WiFi zone and feels bored having nothing to surf with your iPhone, here’s 10 most popular iPhone web games you can kill time with.

  • Gravity

  • iDuckHunt

  • JirboMatch

  • JirboBlocks

  • iPunchOut!

  • Frenzic

  • Block – A Tetris

  • Clone

  • Othelli

  • Coin Flip

  • JirboJam

iPhone games are really amazing to get at least one time playing experience. You will enjoy it. But, the matter is that the game is of high quality and if it is developed by an iPhone web developer for game then that is a better one to choose to play.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Developed Your Android Games from Best Android Game Developer

Android game development
As we all know, there are endless opportunities obtainable for android developers as Android is one of the most powerful platforms that allow people to get all types of applications and games. Android users can find tons of applications at Google Play Shop from where they can easily download these apps for their android smart-phones. Android smart-phones are completely best as they come with terrific features and specifications like big screen, touch-navigation, crystal clear display and many more that allow game loves to have a fantastic experience of playing a range of games.

Well, there are many other reasons also that why you need to opt for an Android platform when it comes to play and develop a game. Today, we can see that most of the people spent their maximum amount of time with their mobile phones by playing exceptional games; therefore, we can say that there is no other platform as good as Android. This platform comes with an Android game developer community to provide support to inexperienced people. They also give you a guarantee to get a bug-free application that fits in your requirements.

You can find lots of people, who prefer Android for game development because of its programming language that is Java. From past several years, Java is the most popular programming language that can be used to develop a number of video games. This programming language is also best for such android developers, who are trying their hands for first time on android game development. As compare to other platforms, Android is a leading platform that is used by millions of people to develop a game.

Providing more information on it, Android is a Linux-based OS that has very less chances of crash, so developers and players don’t have to bother about this point as they can enjoy hassle-free service of android….Read more.

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Beginner's Guide to Mobile Web Development

Mobile Website Development
While accessing the web on a mobile device is nothing new, a renewed interest in developing mobile web content has been ignited by the increased availability of WAP 2.0 devices, an abundance of skilled XHTML developers, and notable efforts by groups such as dotmobi and the W3C’s Mobile Web Initiative. There’s no better time than now to learn how to publish web content beyond the desktop.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I can read minds. I know what you’re thinking: “Why should I care about mobile? After all, the mobile web experience isn’t nearly as good as the desktop web experience.”

You’re not alone. That’s a mistake many of us make as traditional “desktop” web developers, managers, and producers when assessing the mobile web experience. We long for it to be the same as the desktop experience.

Truth of the matter is the “mobile web” -- a phrase used throughout this article to loosely represent “accessing the web on a mobile device” -- can be every bit as good of an experience, but in its own right. If we treat the mobile web as its own environment rich with possibilities, rather than an extension of the desktop experience with restrictive limitations, we begin to understand how to embrace and even exploit those possibilities….Read more.

Really, Mobile web development is an amazing mobile technology for the world. Get your valuable mobile website developed by our expert Mobile website designer at affordable cost.