Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Apple iPhone 5S with fingerprint scanner

As expected, Apple has taken the wraps off of its latest flagship smartphone at its Cupertino media event today. The new iPhone 5S is an upgrade in the vein of the previous iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S—it is outwardly similar to last year's iPhone 5, but it includes a few key upgrades to keep the design going for another year.

iPhone 5S

The 5S still has a four-inch 1136×640 display and a Lightning connector, and it retains the iPhone 5's taller and slimmer profile relative to older models like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. However, it includes a new 64-bit "desktop-class" system-on-a-chip (SoC) dubbed the A7 that boosts CPU and GPU performance over the A6 in the iPhone 5.

The chip has twice the general-purpose and floating point registers of its predecessor and is up to twice as fast at performing CPU tasks. The phone supports OpenGL ES 3.0, and Apple claims that the graphics performance in the 5S is 56 times better than in the original iPhone released six years ago.

The iPhone 5S will include a "motion co-processor" called the M7 that allows the phone to process data from sensors without waking up the phone itself. Apple intends for the chip to be used for "health and fitness solutions"—effectively a replacement for fitness-tracking devices—with data processed by the core motion API.

Apple is also upgrading the phone's camera with a new five-element lens at an f2.2 aperture and a 15 percent larger sensor. The company is opting for "bigger pixels rather than more," with 1.5-micron pixels.

The new "true-tone" flash uses dual LEDs (one warmer and one cooler) to account for the lighting in the room and to light the shot optimally according to the camera app's monitoring. Apple says that this will result in "more neutral skin tones and better colors." The iPhone 5S will also be able to take multiple photos with a single shutter trigger and then choose the best one automatically rather than saving the whole handful to memory.

Auto image stabilization and burst mode are new features in the camera, as is 120 FPS video captured at 720p resolution. The phone can also still capture 1080p video at 30 FPS.

A "Touch ID sensor" for reading fingerprints is embedded in the home button and can be used to unlock your phone in addition to the traditional software passcodes. A fingerprint is read at 500 PPI resolutions and can scan sub-epidermal skin layers.

This article is taken from arstechnica.

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Top 3 Benefits to Using iPhone App Development Companies

iPhone app development services at Mobile Apps Development Team

With a storage capacity ranging from 4 to 68 GB of flash memory, iPhone app developers certainly have their hands full creating innovative and exciting apps that people will want to have on their smartphones. With the smartphone’s rise in popularity surpassing many other handheld devices, these innovative pieces of technology surpass expectations with every single new release. It’s no wonder why so many new and exciting features are being created on a daily basis, and sent out into the online market for distribution and use.

If you have a great idea for an app, you could try developing the app by yourself. However, without the technical know-how and experience, this can be a long and tedious process. This is why so many parties are going to professional iPhone app developers. There are many benefits to purchasing through these specialized outlets for your mobile accessories—here are three:

Brand Awareness

Using a professional firm to make your invention fully functional and get it into the marketplace has many advantages, one being publicity. Working with a reputable source can provide you with the same. The faster your product gets onto the market, and the better it functions, the more your brand and name will increase in popularity. Being the first to launch a new type of tool can make a huge difference in the way users view your services. Expert developers can help in these regards, and really get you noticed.

Convenience of Distribution

Customer interaction plays a huge role in the distribution and impact of your invention to your client base. Loyalty is often built through the services you hire, as users may find it more convenient to communicate with them directly. Having somebody to handle complaints, user inquiries and necessary upgrades relieves added pressure on you, and allows you to enjoy your efforts as your product hits the marketplace.

Top of the Line Tools

Working through an external venue like the above mentioned providers guarantees you that your creation is being processed with exceptional processes, and high quality software. In other words, you get what you pay for, and knowing what you put into an investment like this can usually give an idea of what you will generate in return. By using the skills and techniques of somebody well trained in the management of mobile programs, you can rest easy knowing your product will be well received.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Review for Blackberry Q5 - Tried to Make Fully Functional

Blackberry Q5 image
Following on rapidly from the release of the Blackberry Q10, here comes the Blackberry Q5. Running the new operating system (Blackberry 10), the Q5 is aimed towards a younger market and for many this is the last major push for Blackberry launch of BB10. The Z10 was aimed at the geekerati and the ‘modern’ smart phone crowd, the Q10 is aimed at the existing Blackberry enthusiast looking for a high end device to help them in the business world, and the Q5 is the handset for the youth market.

Like the majority of mid-range Android devices, the specs of the Q5 will feel familiar to anyone watching the modern smart phone market – a 1.2 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage – although the specs are all very slightly down on the Q10 (which has a 1.5 GHz CPU and 16 GB of storage, but shares the 2 GB of RAM). And like the Q10, it also comes with a physical keyboard.

Let’s start with the keyboard, because understanding the decisions behind this device start with the keyboard. The best thing I found about the Q10 was the keyboard. With individually sculpted keys – each had their own independent travel, with each side of the keyboard tilted to allow smooth ‘two thumb’ texting, and the silver bars that separated the horizontal rows helped guide your eyes to the keys.

It’s noticeable that the dimensions of the Q5 and Q10 are almost identical, and the space taken up by the two keyboards are similar. I suspect that someone inside Blackberry has decided that their had to be ‘clear air’ between the quality of the keyboards on the Q5 and the Q10 to ensure the executives buy the Q10 and the budget conscious buyers will be happy to choose the lower priced Q5.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Apple starts iPhone 5S Production at July ending

Apple iPhone 5SApple will begin production on the seventh-generation iPhone by the end of this month. This means that the so-called “iPhone 5S” should arrive in stores in late September or early October, according to Business Insider.

According to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, production has already begun on the so-called “iPhone mini.” Selling for $300-$400 without a subsidy, this budget handset should launch alongside Apple’s traditional iPhone. At that price point, Misek says, “it will not be competitive in emerging markets.”

For the fourth quarter, the analyst expects Apple to order 50-55 million iPhones. Interestingly enough, his breakdown by model doesn’t include Apple’s current handset, the iPhone 5. However, it does include the iPhone 4S, which first launched in 2011.

He expects Apple to order 25 million iPhone 5S devices, 20 million low-cost iPhones, and 5 million iPhone 4S handsets.

The iPhone 5S is expected to look a lot like the current model. It may include a better camera, support LTE-A, and arrive in multiple colors. It may also come without Apple’s iconic physical home button.

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This article is taken from App Advice.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Apple Launches iPhone Web Apps Directory

Apple on Thursday launched an online directory of more than 200 Web applications built to run in the iPhone's Safari browser.

The applications are organized in categories such as the most recent viewed, most popular, alphabetical and staff picks. The featured Web software on Thursday was a Facebook application that connects the iPhone to the popular social network in order to visits friends' pages, upload and share photos, or send and receive messages.

Other software listed as staff picks include a puzzle game called Sudoku, Fandango and applications for buying movie tickets, mobile dictionaries of translation for English, French, Spanish and German; and WeatherBug for checking on the local weather anywhere in the world. The directory provides a URL for each of the applications to access the service.

During Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June in San Francisco, chief executive Steve Jobs disappointed many developers by announcing that the company would only support the making of applications to run in the browser and not directly on the iPhone's operating system.

While Jobs claimed Web applications built using Web 2.0 technologies such as…Read more.

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Top 20 iPhone Application User Interface Designs

Five years have passed since Steve Jobs stood on a stage in Mountain View and said, "One last thing...", and those five years have been fast and furious. Over half a million apps have now been uploaded to Apple's App Store, not to mention the huge numbers of Android and Windows Phone apps that have been made available - but design-wise few of them can truly be considered beautiful.

The last year, however, has seen some mobile applications pop up with amazing-looking user interfaces that offer fantastic user experience. To encourage this trend, some friends and I have created a community, Meerli, to enable exceptional mobile designers to connect and share their work. Here are 20 designs we've found that we think can inspire you and bring mobile design into a new era.

iPhone Application UI Designs

·        Istid

·        I Love Moscow

·        Blackbook - Contacts List

·        HQ 2.0

·        Weat

·        Clear

·        Wthr

·        Prismatic

·        Camera Genius

·        Air Dictate

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Mobile Website Designing: Platform By Platform

Mobile Website Designer at
The mobile landscape is a complex and sometimes confusing place to be. Here we'll take look at the most popular platforms, operating systems and app stores and offers some quick and easy tips to making the most out of the opportunities they offer.

Around 1.2 billion phones were sold last year, 174 million of which were smartphones. Symbian devices count for nearly 47 per cent of this market (with Nokia making up the majority of this figure), but they're losing market share to both Apple and Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind Blackberry, which now have 14.4 per cent and 19.9 per cent respectively.

The fastest growing markets last year were Apple and Android, which grew by 6.2 per cent and 3.5 per cent respectively.

Smartphones enable consumers to download apps, and now there are app stores everywhere, courtesy of device manufacturers (eg Nokia's Ovi Store); OS developers (Android Market Place; Windows Marketplace for Mobile); operators (Vodafone's 360 Store; Orange's Application Shop) and Independents (GetJar; Handango). All are competing fiercely for eyeballs, clicks and sales.

At the moment, the Apple App Store is the undisputed champion; in January, it announced that three billion apps had been downloaded over the last 18 months. Others are catching up, though, with Nokia now proclaiming that it has broken the 1.5million app sales per day mark as of March.

The UK mobile scene According to the AdMob report on smartphone usage trends for January, 75 per cent of requests came from a combination of the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The next most popular were Nokia and HTC on 4.8 per cent and 4.7 per cent respectively.

With Apple firmly set with the top two handset models, it's left to HTC's Hero and Dream and Nokia's N95 to complete the top five UK smartphone handsets….Read more.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Google Unveils Redesigned Play Store Android App

Remember that hefty leak from a few weeks back that pointed to a dramatic redesign for Google’s Play Store Android app? Well, in case you were still unconvinced, Google has confirmed that just such a facelift has been in the works, and that the new 4.0 version of the Play Store app will start rolling out to devices running Android 2.2 and newer some time today.

It would seem that Google’s big goal with this new redesign was to bring the Play Store in line with other prominent Android features — ever since its last major facelift, the Google Play Android app has been swathed in blacks and greys, with color highlights corresponding to different content types breaking up the visual monotony. At the time the shift in design made sense — Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich featured a colder, darker aesthetic than previous versions of Android and also relied on light blue UI flourishes. Services like Google Now and apps like Google Search have gone in a drastically divergent direction these past few months though, and the now the Play Store doesn’t look like the odd one out.

Much like what you’d see in Google Now, individual apps, songs, and books now live in discrete cards, and there’s a much greater focus on big, eye-catching images. Those dreary colors have been given the axe too in favor of a much lighter design that helps make that entire content stand out even more....Read more.

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Monday, 8 April 2013

Apple iOS 7 Release Date May Coincide With iPhone 5S, iPad 5

Apple iOS 7 Release Date May Coincide with iPhone 5S, iPad 5; Features Said to Include Completely Redesigned Visuals

Apple promises to release a new version of iOS each year, so with iOS 7 expected to be released sometime in 2013, users are wondering when they can expect the latest mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Many expect Apple to follow its same iOS release pattern from the last few years and reveal iOS 7 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, but Daring Fireball’s John Gruber said iOS 7 is “running behind” schedule, which means the new mobile software may not be ready for its purported reveal date in June.

“What I've heard: iOS 7 is running behind, and engineers have been pulled from OS X 10.9 to work on it,” Gruber said in a Branch chat with several Apple reporters on Tuesday. “Let me know if you’ve heard this song before.”

Of course, Gruber is referring to 2007, when Apple had to “borrow some key software engineering” resources from its Mac OS X team to work on iPhone software. FOX anchor Clayton Morris also said he'd heard "from engineers who've been moved off of their current 'non-profit generating projects' in order to work on the high priority software projects."...Read more.

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Google Translate App on Android, Offline Language Packages

Ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to translate something urgently, but didn’t have a data connection to use your translation app? Google has now ensured that you never have to face such a situation, by introducing an offline language package in the latest update of its Google Translate app for Android.

Google Translate which was released for Android back in June 2012 now supports offline translations for up to 50 languages. You can download the language packages you need by selecting ‘Offline Languages’ in the app menu and once downloaded, can enable offline translation between any two languages selecting them both in the offline languages menu. In addition to this, if you click pictures of vertical text in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language using your phone’s camera, the app will be able to translate that text too.

These features are a boon to people who are always on the move and are not guaranteed a data connection or a Wi-Fi hotspot everywhere they go. It is also good to see Google supporting Android (2.3) Gingerbread, which though outdated, still has the most number of users in the Android world.…Read more.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Blackberry 10 'leaked roadmap' indicates tablet, other BB10 devices coming this year

Photos of some slides from a presentation that purportedly talks about BlackBerry's product roadmap have appeared on Twitter, courtesy of @BB10Leaks. While it's difficult to verify the authenticity of the pictures, the slides display product names from BlackBerry's new BlackBerry 10 line-up and some 'upcoming' products along with their time-lines by quarter.

The picture of the slide shows the full touch Z10 and QWERTY keyboard device, Q10 in the first quarter. It also features a tablet with the name 'B10' which the company might introduce in Q3, and a large screen device, most probably a phablet, the U10, towards the end of Q4. It also indicates the presence of a large QWERTY device, the R10 which would debut in Q2 2014. 

It's interesting to note that a recent report had indicated that US carrier Sprint which had chosen to skip the BlackBerry Z10, would launch a full touch device that would be the successor to the Z10 in the second half of the year. That device might turn out to be the U10. However, the company's executives including CEO Thorsten Heins, have said time and again that it's not focusing on tablets. So we're not sure if the next device after the Q10 would be a tablet….Read more.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Microsoft's app innovation fest held in Delhi

First Windows App
Microsoft's technology event TechDays, which promotes application development particularly for it’s recently launched Windows 8 platform, reached its last destination of the National Capital today after covering 50 cities across the country in the last four months.

The one-day event here saw participation of over 700 IT enthusiasts and professionals, the software giant said in a release.

The event that was kicked off in October 2012 and covered 50 cities saw over 15,000 participants, it added.

"The all-India developer and IT pro extravaganza touched ... 50 cities in the last four months, providing them a unique learning experience and helping them convert their ideas into real apps," the software giant said.

TechDays gives opportunities to bring Indian developers to shape the apps ecosystem across multiple devices and hardware forms, providing developers the prospect to maximise their revenues, it added…Read more.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Top iPhone Web Game - 10 Most Popular Games

iPhone games development
With WiFi support and Safari browser installed, iPhone is not only a cell phone but also a gadget for entertainment. If you are on a WiFi zone and feels bored having nothing to surf with your iPhone, here’s 10 most popular iPhone web games you can kill time with.

  • Gravity

  • iDuckHunt

  • JirboMatch

  • JirboBlocks

  • iPunchOut!

  • Frenzic

  • Block – A Tetris

  • Clone

  • Othelli

  • Coin Flip

  • JirboJam

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Developed Your Android Games from Best Android Game Developer

Android game development
As we all know, there are endless opportunities obtainable for android developers as Android is one of the most powerful platforms that allow people to get all types of applications and games. Android users can find tons of applications at Google Play Shop from where they can easily download these apps for their android smart-phones. Android smart-phones are completely best as they come with terrific features and specifications like big screen, touch-navigation, crystal clear display and many more that allow game loves to have a fantastic experience of playing a range of games.

Well, there are many other reasons also that why you need to opt for an Android platform when it comes to play and develop a game. Today, we can see that most of the people spent their maximum amount of time with their mobile phones by playing exceptional games; therefore, we can say that there is no other platform as good as Android. This platform comes with an Android game developer community to provide support to inexperienced people. They also give you a guarantee to get a bug-free application that fits in your requirements.

You can find lots of people, who prefer Android for game development because of its programming language that is Java. From past several years, Java is the most popular programming language that can be used to develop a number of video games. This programming language is also best for such android developers, who are trying their hands for first time on android game development. As compare to other platforms, Android is a leading platform that is used by millions of people to develop a game.

Providing more information on it, Android is a Linux-based OS that has very less chances of crash, so developers and players don’t have to bother about this point as they can enjoy hassle-free service of android….Read more.

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Beginner's Guide to Mobile Web Development

Mobile Website Development
While accessing the web on a mobile device is nothing new, a renewed interest in developing mobile web content has been ignited by the increased availability of WAP 2.0 devices, an abundance of skilled XHTML developers, and notable efforts by groups such as dotmobi and the W3C’s Mobile Web Initiative. There’s no better time than now to learn how to publish web content beyond the desktop.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I can read minds. I know what you’re thinking: “Why should I care about mobile? After all, the mobile web experience isn’t nearly as good as the desktop web experience.”

You’re not alone. That’s a mistake many of us make as traditional “desktop” web developers, managers, and producers when assessing the mobile web experience. We long for it to be the same as the desktop experience.

Truth of the matter is the “mobile web” -- a phrase used throughout this article to loosely represent “accessing the web on a mobile device” -- can be every bit as good of an experience, but in its own right. If we treat the mobile web as its own environment rich with possibilities, rather than an extension of the desktop experience with restrictive limitations, we begin to understand how to embrace and even exploit those possibilities….Read more.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mobile Technology and Android Future

Android Mobile Technology -
Android – the talk of town, but what so great about it that it is said to give stiff competition to Apple’s iPhone and is said to almost remove our trusted Symbian OS from the market.

Experts say the difference between the two is same as between Windows and Linux, android being the Linux and Symbian being the Windows, but for a layman who is not interested in whether the code is opened sourced or closed, what attracts them to it…????

With the increased pace of life and shrinking time people need everything in the palm of their hand, everything happening with a touch. Hence it all boils down to one point, which system provides the best applications?

Though iPhone is said to have more number of application of which many are missing in the Android, but Android being an open source provides more opportunities for the user to create customized apps according to their requirement, without having to actually learning coding, with the Droid Generator. 

The Future with Android - Android platform can become a great opportunity for mobile marketing too, since it has numerous entrance points to Google by way of Google search, Google Apps, gmail, gTalk, etc. Each of these points is just another opportunity for relevant advertising that Google already does on the net for PC….Read more.

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Thursday, 31 January 2013

iPad Application Development Companies - How to Hire iPad Developer?

Mobile Apps Development Team
Choosing the right iPad applications development company or firm is not an easy task as it sounds. The reason is when you search for ‘hire iPad apps developers’ or ‘offshore iOS application providers’ other than main keywords on the search engine, you land up with hundreds of companies as a result that boast themselves as best Apple app development company.

The secret so untold is it’s not necessary that what all comes on the first page are the best providers in the world! Here we present some of very useful tips to select right iPad app developers from a reputed company. Though there are many options available even for developing iPad apps, we try to clear the matter in a simple way so that you can save money and time.

Why offshore mobile apps development company?

First of all, we’d clear why choose apps development firm or company over a freelancer who too can develop software for smart devices like iPad. The reason is straight –as a company, they can provide far better services and robust solutions.

As a company again, they have better strength, resources and probably latest tools and technologies as compared to iPad apps freelance developer. They are the company so are sound in the technologies due to their workforce. Also, most of the offshore mobile apps development firms have team of experts in iOS application software.

Qualified iOS apps programmers can work on single project of yours and thus can come up with great software that is suitable for your business or personal need.

How to search for iPad Apps Provider Company?

It’s all over the internet! Simply search for the main keyword or relevant key phrase of hiring iOS programmer for iPad. You’ll have hundreds of pages with concerned results.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

iPhone Application Developers - Novel iPhone App Development Services

iPhone Apps Development
iPhone App Development is the well-known and flourishing cellular phone assistance that most of the people of world want to look at of their useful cellular. iPhone customers have some thoughts for the iPhone program to make their product more exciting and useful. For that, they are looking for expert iPhone application developers from India who can offer customized iPhone database integration to create it according to their needs and specifications at efficient price. Mobile development professionals provide such an excellent and reliable seek the services of professional iPhone apps developers to their customers.

Several iPhone application development companies in the market but you will practically experience a very expert, cost-effective and end-users solutions for your each and every specifications as well as customized needs. It has extremely capable and expert iPhone developer team who has been creating innovative iPhone apps from many years. They have the best market understanding of iPhone SDK that allow them to make any type of iPhone applications. Thus, outsourcing mobile application development company India provides market best devoted iPhone app builder group because they are reliable, knowledgeable, innovative and expert in their application progression work. You can see that it has been providing incredible and successful iPhone applications development services to their customers.

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Appcelerator Titanium Development - Basic Benefits

Titanium Development: Mobile Apps Development Team
Appcelerator Titanium has repeatedly proved to be an efficient cross platform toolkit. Mobile development companies increasingly prefer Titanium for cross platform development.

Titanium is a fantastic cross-platform mobile development technology which also supports web content developed with Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. It is compatible with Ajax too and the applications can be run on Windows operating system along with MacOS, Linux and mobile devices.

Titanium API compiles JavaScript code to create table views and other UI controls including split views and popovers. Titanium developers can test their apps, package them and distribute them to various app stores of diverse mobile platforms.

Some of the salient features:

·        Open source software, available for free
·        App development with native UI Components including menus and dialog boxes
·        Support for Ajax and JScript framework
·        Support for iPad’s native features
·        No need for knowledge about Objective-C or Cocoa
·        Build rich mobile apps for both iPhone and Android
·        Support for nearly all types of web technologies
·        Available under Apache 2 Public License
·        Support for more scripting languages
·        Support for device specific functionality and specific media codes
·        App development related to geo-location, accelerometer and maps

Most mobile development companies have now started including Appcelerator titanium mobile solutions in their arsenal for providing efficient ideas related to diverse mobile platforms. As a developer, one can build a plethora of Android as well as iPhone apps thus saving time. One can use the deadly combination of latest industry standard technologies and best practices for mobile application development.…Read more:

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Android Mobile Business Application Development

Android Business Apps - Mobile Apps Development Team
Google Android Applications for Business Professionals

The Google app store for Android Smart Phone applications has several really great applications for business people, from calendaring apps, document creation and management, task list tracking, on demand communication tools with your team and many other really nice applications with the features business professionals need.

Google Android is becoming more popular with consumer due to the fact that the iPhone remains just on the AT&T network which has proven to be unreliable for some people in certain areas, providing a lot of room for potential growth of Android in the United States. Android phones are popping up on all of the carriers and so a business owner is easily able to upgrade his existing cell phone service to an Android based smartphone whether built by Samsung, Motorola, HTC, or any of the other companies using Android as the operating system for their phone.  This business owner now has access to utilize a large resource of applications in the Google app store that are catered to improving the experience of the phone and customizing it to fit each users specific needs.

The following will develop into a list of many different Android applications that are important for a business professional using an Android based phone should have on their device.…Read more:

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

PhoneGap Application Development - An Ideal Tool For Success

PhoneGap Application Developers
PhoneGap is the development of open-source applications platform utilized mobile application development languages such as JavaScript support, HTML5 and CSS3used for mobile devices. Framework allows developers for developing applications for all smartphones apps and function of the external interface to develop for the web view can be integrated in the device.

When developing mobile applications with PhoneGap, you can access many local functions as a compass, accelerometer type, camera, notifications, and more. One of the main features of the application development with PhoneGap is portability. Offshore PhoneGap application development services support different mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Palm, Windows Phone 7, webOS, Bada, etc.

PhoneGap SDK provides an API that offers a concept layer to access the platform development and functionality of the explicit hardware like geo location, vibration, accelerometer, and sound.

Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) is a professional mobile application development company in India. Our PhoneGap application developers are analysis the application in different browser. In the harbor variety of mobile operating systems, we quickly deploy applications on platforms such as the Apple App Store and sell a variety of applications for Android monetization easier. Our PhoneGap development team can develop cross-platform mobile applications like business, games, sports, social networking, travel, tools & utilities, entertainment, online shopping, etc.…Read more:

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Hire Android Application Developers

Android Apps Development
Android is a Linux-based operating system for smartphones and tablet PCs containing Java library that is helpful for the programmers to create application that increases the functionality of the smart phones and tablet PCs. A complete SDK knowledge can increase the demand of Android application developers for creating various apps for several android phones.

We all know our mentality in day-to-day life. As the world is becoming advanced, we also feel to be more advanced than others. Smartphones become our necessity to run our life properly and smoothly. As the smartphones talk begins then how can we forget a very popular name – Android. It is the most powerful device in the recent mobile market and very competitive OS to develop innovative apps. And to create various eye-catching applications, one needs to hire android developers who can implement their best SDK knowledge in the app development process as well as in the existing application customization.

It has got popularity very fast in the mobile and apps development market. As it is an open source, its app can run on any android-based device. It is getting more and more fame in app development for both individual and business sector. Android comes with several advantages of multiple language support, Java support, media support, streaming media support, additional hardware support and many others.

As far as application development is concerned, android app experts use Java language with software development kit. They develop professional apps according to customer’s requirement by using their expertise and experience in it. Different users want to create their needed applications as per their purpose. Some of the main categories are famous in the market are as follows.…Read more:

If you are in need to adopt an Android apps development services for your business then you can hire professional Android app developer from best mobile application development company.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

iOS Developer News Roundup: iPad Mini on October 23?, iPhone 5 in Demand, iOS 6 for iPhone 5 PSDs, UIButton in Depth, Cheddar Source Code and Steve’s Prescient 1983 Speech

iPad Mini Predicted to be Announced on October 23

Rendering of iPad Mini by Martin Hajek.

AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski reports that Apple is likely to unveil the rumoured iPad Mini — a 7-inch-or-thereabouts version of the iPad — on Tuesday, October 23rd at the Town Hall Auditorium on the Apple Campus. He observes:

That’s a Tuesday, not a Wednesday, so this is a bit of a break with recent tradition. It also happens to be just three days prior to the street date for Microsoft’s new Surface tablet and two days before Apple reports earnings for its latest quarter.

iPhone 5 in Big Demand

Based on a “user agent analysis on millions of mobile ad impressions, spanning a 7-day time frame from October 3rd through October 9th, 2012″, Chitika Insights, the research wing of the online ad company Chitika, says that web traffic volume from the iPhone 5 is greater than from the Samsung Galaxy S III — it’s 56% to 44%. It should be noted that the Galaxy S III has been out for 4 months, while the iPhone 5 hasn’t been available even 3 weeks.

There’s more evidence of how well the iPhone 5′s doing: findings released by 451/Changewave Research based on an opinion poll of ”4,270 North American consumers” say that the iPhone 5′s sales are breaking the sales records of previous iPhone models.…Read more:

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Friday, 11 January 2013

iPad Development - Revolutionary Technology

iPad Development
Apple's iPad has literally taken the expertise of using the web for an altogether new level. The operating-system being used for that iPhone and also the iPod is comparable too with a few tweaks along with a new pair of apps. Consider the arrival of the iPad, there's been a humungous surge within the quantity of apps for that iPad. iPad development is within great demand.

The success of the method is since it is an irresistible one because of the cool apps as well as due to the hardware and firmware getting used. iPad 2 has had the technology for an altogether new level now. It is crucial for iPad app developers to plan great and in-demand applications to leverage the iPad 2 features.

Apple has allowed developers to contribute within the development associated with apps for iPad development. With 185,000 apps and also the number expected to reach a wide array when this short article receives the very first view, the App Store has indeed inflated right into a huge warehouse of digital goodies for iPad. However the future apps have to be trendy and innovative enough to lure users to consider benefit of the characteristics from the iPad.

It often happens that the iPad app's worth could be decided and assessed through the market and also the quantity of downloads that could collect. The very best apps are mainly addictive and intriguing, notable and most of all, not so difficult for many users.

One of the greatest parts for that iPad is that it features a big screen to enjoy movies or play games as well as use business apps on the run, in utmost clarity. There are numerous software development and mobile application development companies who expert iPad development. There's a dearth of experienced professionals on this field under western culture and also the charges from the experts are extremely high to pay for.…Read more:

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hire iPhone Developers for Robust iPhone Apps

iPhone Developers at Mobile Apps Development Team
iPhone apps are a Revolutionary device which is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. with a flush multi-touch screen and a minimal hardware interface. This lead to the emergence to iPhone App Development, a service solution that allows third party providers to develop applications according to the requirements of their clients and general needs of the market. The iPhone application development is the most perspective next-generation mobile platform in the today's market. When developing an iPhone custom application you need a different approach. You can hire creative iPhone developers to develop iPhone apps that help you make your work-flow smoother and easier as they can be customized to individual needs, designed to suit the exact requirement. Be it business, travel, entertainment, games, weather, news or any other field you can think of, iPhone apps development addresses the need. The need could be as small as a game application for your mobile to as big as a business analysis tool for your enterprise iPhone applications are the solution for all.

Now-a-days, there are various offshore software development companies that are providing iPhone, iPad, Android and many other devices' application service with efficiently and perfection. Thus, the hire Apple iPhone app developer is the appealing service from the Apple users to get their device more entertaining and more business useful. You have a great option to choose an offshore Apple iPhone web apps development Company to hire iPhone application developers from India.

We suggest you to hire mobile app experts who are completely engaged in this service for long times providing delightful service. To hire an expert and proficient programmer for it is not at all an easy task. IPhone application developers are an aware of today's trend for iPhone applications. They are far-sighted and having quick approachability towards Apple's new innovations. You will get delightful work assurance by hiring iPhone apps programmers from a reputed company in India. Finding good and experienced iPhone programmers is just finding a diamond from a clutter.…Read more:

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Mobile Website Development for Effective Design of Your Brand

Mobile Website Builder - Mobile Apps Development Team
When the mobile web was launched sometime in 2009, the number of consumers has surged since then. This phenomenon has modified the attitudes and mindsets of internet users. Carrying their internet-enabled phones, users have unlimited access to the web, performing a multitude of activities that their devices allow them to do. This web giant, as it is coming to be, has a lot to offer, both to individual users, businesses, big and small. With multiple browsers, users can expect to use them just like they use the traditional browsers. Offshore mobile website development service comes in small packages, fitted to smartphones and other handheld devices. Catch this internet fever and don’t miss out on opportunities for your business to be carried anywhere, anytime. The mobile internet usage is growing and will continue to surge.

Mobile marketing strategies are targeting consumers on the go. These are the people who use their mobile devices to get their internet activities going. As a website owner, you can benefit from the mobile web immensely by developing a mobile site. Define your business goals in using the mobile initiative alongside determining your target audience. What can you offer to your site visitors? This is the basic question you can address in developing your mobile strategy. The design should effectively pin down what your target market needs. If you have a regular website and enjoying an edge, you can have it downsized for readability in a mobile platform. A skilled developer is all you need to make your mobile site cloned for small mobile devices.

The mobile site to be developed will be the mini-version of the regular website your business has. There are several approaches that your professional mobile site builder can use. The goal is to keep the site supported across a diverse platform, readable, usable and effective in providing a good user experience.…Read more:

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Hire iPhone Application Developers - Diversity of Resources

New series of the iPhone, Apple’s innovative smartphone has created a change in the iPhone apps development and demand for the new technologies application to increase. Applications developed for the iPhone, are now more advanced technology with more packed. The huge success of the iPhone can return an array of specialized applications. Apple App Store is a crowd on the number of restores requests for various reasons directly by the utility pleasure.

Professional iPhone application developers at MADT are practical, experience in developing applications for the iPhone 3, 3GS, 4 and 4S with XCode, iPhone SDK, and a variety of development resources for iPhone technology. Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT) is one stop solution for all kind of mobile development services. We offer best iphone application development services within your resources.

Expertise iPhone App Developer:

  • Business / Finance
  • Web Apps
  • Navigation Apps
  • 2D/3D Games
  • E-learning and Education
  • Entertainment / Media
  • Medical Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps
  • Book publishing
  • Utility Apps
  • Weather / News
  • Travel

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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mobile Application Development for Trendy Generation

Mobiles are no more the alternative for making only phone calls or short messages, but now are used in wide array of social and business requirements. Call making phones are replaced by the highly featured smartphones and this smartphones are enhanced with various enchanting mobile applications. Loaded with numerous useful and entertaining features, it has brought mobile application development world by a storm. Introduction of smartphones have brought revolution in apps development world. Process of developing applications that enhance the features of your device is known as mobile app development. With the number of people using devices growing potentially every year, revolutionary applications has most benefited social and business community between all.

Using mobile technologies in various sectors of business such as industrial and commercial market, many business owners have achieved significant success. Smartphone apps can be developed for different platforms or can be downloaded from the respective application stores according to the requirements. Increasing number potential users for smartphones with every passing minute have ultimately led the huge requirement of useful applications for different spots of day to day life. This has led to the explosion of applications and hundreds of companies are entering the mobile app development market.

With the changing technology, way of communication has changed a lot and various applications developed for supporting devices. Every mobile software, whether it's simple or complex, contribute accordingly in some or the other way to the end user for making device more productive. Almost everyday a new smartphone is poured into the market with all the possible features and developed applications with the intention to offer several benefits to business and social world. Amazing smart phone applications are developed using vivid platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, and Windows mobile, that can be used everywhere anytime with no boundary or time limitations.…Read more:

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