Monday, 19 November 2012

Blackberry Playbook Web Development

Blackberry Playbook Development
The Playbook is one of the major tablets in the smart tablet market. While it isn't as popular as iPhone and Android tablets, there is a large class of businessmen and entrepreneurs who prefer Blackberry to any other mobile operating system. Also, as the name suggests, this tablet is packed with powerful entertainment features. The Blackberry tablet is not only great for working - it is fantastic for playing too. As a result of Playbook’s success, there is a huge demand for websites and web apps that work on this tablet. This, in turn, has opened up a new field of programming: Playbook web development.

What is Blackberry Playbook Web Development?

Just like iPad and Android-based tablets, the Playbook uses a separate operating system. Apple devices run on iOS, Android devices run on Android OS and Blackberry devices run on Blackberry OS. By building apps for this tablet, you can sell them on Blackberry App World. You can also build custom tablet apps that help you simplify and automates the business processes of your organization.

It is also possible to design and developer websites that work perfectly on the tablet screen. The term Playbook web development includes the development of web apps and websites for the Playbook.

Blackberry Tablet Web Apps Development

Web apps harness the power of the Internet to offer powerful web-based services to the users. Blackberry is known for its instant messaging and other built-in web-based apps. There are several ways in which you can make tablet web app development work for you:

·        Create useful, productive or entertaining web apps, sell them, and earn profits
·        Give apps for free but use them for brand promotion or advertisement
·        Provide updates, sell your products, or offer services through web apps

Blackberry Playbook Website Development

Websites that are developed primarily for large PC and laptop screen may not appear attractive on the Playbook screen. While the tablet browser gives a decent experience to the visitors, you can increase the effectiveness…Read more:

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