Sunday, 11 November 2012

65 Small Business Mobile Applications You Must Check Out

Some of the mobile applications are completely free and some of them are freemium (free for basic version, then you pays for an upgraded version).  Which mobile apps do you love? What other apps are the real deals that we might have missed?  Send us your comments and suggestions!

Here is the list of categories we will cover in this article:

·        Sales Management
·        Human Resources
·        Communications
·        Networking
·        Web and Social Media
·        Mobile Payment
·        Productivity
·        Information Technology
·        Legal
·        Presentation
·        File Management
·        Finance

Sales Management

Roambi: This allows users to get the latest business intelligence on their phones. Users can import data from an Excel spreadsheet to Salesforce or SAP.  Cost: FREE to $99/user/year

Salesforce: Salesforce allows users to view and edit sales information, log sales and service activities, and receive new leads and customer requests.  Cost: FREE

Kinito: This allows users to create, read and update sales accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities.  Cost: FREE

Human Resources…Read more:

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