Sunday, 4 November 2012

Best Free Android Applications from Android Application Developers

Android is an open source operating system designed for smartphones and Tablet PCs, from Google. It is a bunch of software with Linux based OS.

Android is a very famous operating system among the smartphone and tablet computer manufacturing companies. Today, Android had become the world's leading smartphone platform by the end of 2010. In 2012, it has covered 68% of the world’s smartphone marketplace.

Hundreds of thousands of applications are available in the Android market for free as well as paid. Lots of discussion and debates has been occurred on the topic that which device is best to deliver an amazing quality application for the great user experience. Today, mobile app developers are focusing on the latest and famous open source operating system based mobile phones.

Several free android applications such as Alarm Clock Plus, Dropbox, Google Music, Maps, Skype - free IM & video calls, Google Earth, IMDB, GPS Alarm, etc. are there in the Google Play Store. Many paid applications are also available that are developed by google android developers from various mobile application development companies to satisfy the specific requirement of their customers.

Dropbox: Free Android application for File Sharing

Dropbox is a free application for file sharing. You can share your photos, videos and other documents anywhere. After the installation of this app, any document you save to this application will automatically save to your every computers and Android gadgets. Download it.

Google Street View: Free Android application for Street View on Maps

Google Street View is the best and free application to get the street level view on Google maps on your device. You can search for the popular historical places, familiar sight, and an implicit tour around the globe. You can get more information on the street view from here. Download it.

Google Shopper: Free Android application for Online Shopping

Google Shopper developed by Google Inc. helps you search information on lots of products and services to shop online. This amazing application has the ability to identify products by cover art, barcode and text search. It shows you the best result of your product search to make your buying judgment more accurate. You can also check the product’s price, specifications, reviews, images and videos and more information available for that product. Download it.

Angry Birds: Free Android application for Exciting Gaming Experience

Angry Bird is an amazing and free android application. This application is based on the story of taking a revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. It is exciting as well as challenging game for every game lover. Download it.

Sky+: Free Android application for Search, Discover and Record

Sky+ application is developed for searching, discovering and recording TV programs on your Android device. You can find full seven day TV channels listing guide to use this application. You can also record your favorite shows using Series Link for mobile function. Download it.  

Choose Best for Android Application Development

It is hard to choose android application developers from numerous companies from all over the world. If you are searching an android developer to develop application, or professional Android application development company India that can execute your project with quality then choose the best mobile apps development team.

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