Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mobile Technology and Android Future

Android Mobile Technology -
Android – the talk of town, but what so great about it that it is said to give stiff competition to Apple’s iPhone and is said to almost remove our trusted Symbian OS from the market.

Experts say the difference between the two is same as between Windows and Linux, android being the Linux and Symbian being the Windows, but for a layman who is not interested in whether the code is opened sourced or closed, what attracts them to it…????

With the increased pace of life and shrinking time people need everything in the palm of their hand, everything happening with a touch. Hence it all boils down to one point, which system provides the best applications?

Though iPhone is said to have more number of application of which many are missing in the Android, but Android being an open source provides more opportunities for the user to create customized apps according to their requirement, without having to actually learning coding, with the Droid Generator. 

The Future with Android - Android platform can become a great opportunity for mobile marketing too, since it has numerous entrance points to Google by way of Google search, Google Apps, gmail, gTalk, etc. Each of these points is just another opportunity for relevant advertising that Google already does on the net for PC….Read more.

Really, Android is an amazing mobile technology for the world. If you want to get more information then click here. Get your valuable Android apps developed by our expert and professional Android apps developer India at affordable cost.

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