Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Android Mobile Business Application Development

Android Business Apps - Mobile Apps Development Team
Google Android Applications for Business Professionals

The Google app store for Android Smart Phone applications has several really great applications for business people, from calendaring apps, document creation and management, task list tracking, on demand communication tools with your team and many other really nice applications with the features business professionals need.

Google Android is becoming more popular with consumer due to the fact that the iPhone remains just on the AT&T network which has proven to be unreliable for some people in certain areas, providing a lot of room for potential growth of Android in the United States. Android phones are popping up on all of the carriers and so a business owner is easily able to upgrade his existing cell phone service to an Android based smartphone whether built by Samsung, Motorola, HTC, or any of the other companies using Android as the operating system for their phone.  This business owner now has access to utilize a large resource of applications in the Google app store that are catered to improving the experience of the phone and customizing it to fit each users specific needs.

The following will develop into a list of many different Android applications that are important for a business professional using an Android based phone should have on their device.…Read more:

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