Sunday, 30 December 2012

Appcelerator Titanium Development - Basic Advantages

Titanium Development
Titanium is a fantastic cross-platform development technology which also supports web content developed with Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. It is compatible with Ajax too and the applications can be run on Windows operating system along with MacOS, Linux and mobile devices.

Titanium API compiles JavaScript code to create table views and other UI controls including split views and popovers. Titanium developers can test their apps, package them and distribute them to various app stores of diverse mobile platforms.

Here are some of the salient features:

  • Open source software, available for free
  • App development with native UI Components including menus and dialog boxes
  • Support for Ajax and JScript framework
  • Support for iPads native features
  • No need for knowledge about Objective-C or Cocoa
  • Build rich mobile apps for both iPhone and Android
  • Support for nearly all types of web technologies
  • Available under Apache 2 Public License
  • Support for more scripting languages
  • Support for device specific functionality and specific media codes
  • App development related to geolocation, accelerometer and maps

Most mobile development companies have now started including Appcelerator titanium mobile solutions in their arsenal for providing efficient ideas related to diverse mobile platforms. As a developer, one can build a plethora of Android as well as iPhone apps thus saving time. One can use the deadly combination of latest industry standard technologies and best practices for mobile application development.

Titanium apps can be developed across web interfaces and mobile devices for business data support. One can even integrate social media features for online community development with support for real-time updates on Twitter and Facebook. This helps the users who are increasingly going social nowadays to update their status on the go through their favorite apps. One can create custom third party APIs for auction and e-commerce stores. The most popular sites are e-Bay, Microsoft Windows Azure, Yahoo! Store, and so on.

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