Monday, 22 October 2012

15 Gorgeous Mobile UI Designs For Your Inspiration

Just like learning to code, the best way to improve as a designer is to learn by doing. Still, that’s not to say that admiring and even copying (aka practicing) great work can’t do wonders. More than anything, seeing what other designers have done in the past can save you some serious time, because design has a history and everyone should learn from what works and what doesn’t.

And so, we’ve gathered this list of 15 gorgeous user interfaces (UIs) for your design inspiration. Note that designing a UI and evolving that into the perfect user experience (UX) are completely different things, but all fit together as a complete product.

1. 76 Synthesizer:

This is skeuomorphic design at its best, as the simulated textures actually help add clarity to how the app should be used. This serves in stark contrast to much of Apple’s skeuomorphic work, which generally serves as decoration and can end up being more distracting than anything else.

2. Camera Genius:

Once again, the realistic elements in this app feel useful and subtle. The clear visual hierarchy makes this UI look incredibly smooth and easy to use.

3. Hype Peak:

This super clean and engaging mobile UI compliments its Web counterpart perfectly.

4. FL Studio Mobile:

A completely rethought take on FL Studio’s UI for iOS, this UI does…Read more:

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