Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Top Mobile Apps for Business Users

Mobile Business Apps
There are now more than 175,000 mobile apps available across the three leading smartphone platforms: iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. With all of those apps, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the good ones, especially for business users.

I’ve picked eight apps across a handful of categories that I consider the top mobile business apps for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android smartphones. (Note: Some of these apps are also available for Palm and Windows Mobile.)


Evernote (iPhone/Blackberry/Android | free/premium option)
This is the Swiss Army knife of note taking. Evernote allows you to snap a photo, take a screenshot, type in text, or speak your note to capture information on the go. And once you’ve captured it, Evernote helps you organize and find it by making all of the information in your photos or notes searchable. For example, if you take a photo of a book as a reminder that you want to buy it later, Evernote will make all of the text on the book cover searchable. It’s pretty neat to see it in action.

Documents to Go (iPhone/Blackberry/Android | free/premium option)
Documents To Go is an all-in-one application with support for Microsoft Office, PDF, Apple iWork, and other files. So if someone e-mails you a PowerPoint presentation, you can view and edit the file on your mobile device. I have used it several times in meetings when I forgot to bring a printed copy of a file. I’ve also used it to prep for a presentation while on a plane; i is much easier to whip out my Blackberry than my laptop.


TripIt (iPhone, Blackberry, Android | free/premium option)
I have been using the TripIt Web site for a couple of years; it is a great way to share your travel plans with friends. TripIt’s mobile app is a nice complement to the Web site and allows you to perform most of the main functions while on the go.

My favorite feature of TripIt is the ability to see which of my friends or colleagues are traveling to the same city as I am at the same time. I also like the ability to retrieve all of my travel information such as flight times or hotel reservations from the TripIt app rather than sifting through my inbox for the various confirmation e-mails I received from the airline or hotel.

FlightTrack (iPhone, Android | $4.99)
If you travel often for business, you want to spend as little time at the airport as possible. It’s much better to wait out a flight delay from home than find out after you’ve arrived at the airport.…Read more:

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