Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The iPhone Tracking Technology In Apple's iOS 6

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Apple consumers are a dedicated bunch, but how do they feel about advertisers tracking their every move while using their beloved iPhones and iPads?

Although Apple allows users to limit ad tracking within its new operating system, iOS 6 — here's an easy how-to — we still don't know a lot about what advertisers can see and do with the new Identifier for Advertisers (IFA or IDFA)

Here's a guide to everything that's currently known about IFA.

Bye Bye UDID

·        Prior to iOS 6, Apple products used Unique Device Identifiers (UDID) to allow advertisers to track users' habits and preferences. Basically, apps would sell UDIDs to advertisers.

·        UDID was reliant on the actual hardware, which means that it was always attached to a certain device and couldn't be limited, changed, or reset.

·        This was particularly problematic if UDIDs were get leaked. Hacker group Antisec publicly released 1,000,001 UDIDs in September 2012. In spite of rumors that the UDIDs were found on an FBI computer, app publisher Blue Toad was actually responsible for the breach.

·        Since UDIDs are attached to hardware, nothing could be done to seal the breach. Blue Toad apologized for being hacked, but it refused to notify affected users.

·        After Congress raised privacy concerns about advertisers using UDIDs without permission, Apple banned developers from accessing them in March. Those who didn't listen were kicked out of the app store.

What's an IFA?

·        With UDID basically frowned upon by Apple, there was a period of months in which tracking mostly stopped on the iPhone and iPad. Then Apple introduced IFA with the iOS6. …Read more:

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