Friday, 5 October 2012

iPhone Development On Windows - 7 Options

Some time ago I decided to list a couple of options available for iPhone development on Windows and iPad development on Windows. Now, months later this is still something that has been brought up recently. So I have decided to expand the list, and include some of the other solutions that have cropped up since the original posting, and some upcoming that look interesting.  Please note, that there is no official solution for developing for the iPhone SDK on Windows (and it’s doubtful there ever will be).

At this point you will need to compile your app on the official iPhone SDK running on Mac OS X if your goal is to get your app in to Apple’s iPhone app store, use Flash’s iPhone packager, the Airplay SDK, or send someone else your code for compilation.  Now, I know there is the obvious “hackintosh” solution, but I won’t get into that, not only is it possibly illegal, but I’ve seen someone try it… and it was a major continuous hassle — every update of the OS and SDK cost them valuable hours, when they could  just get a sub-$700 Mac Mini and avoid all hassles.

That being said there are ways to develop your iPhone app in windows.  Let me repeat that there is no real iOS SDK Windows edition — and most certainly not any official options despite what the marketing material of some vendors might tell you. If you see a vendor posting false information suggesting their solution is an official Windows iPhone developer SDK then…Read more:

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